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Bridge D'Urso

I have worked with other bookkeepers in the past, and I am so relieved and excited to have found Kim!

She takes all the headaches out of the process.  Somehow she has made the whole system so easy that I'm never far behind getting her the things she needs, and I can access any information I need whenever I need it. My books are so organized, her rates are super fair, and I know she's on top of everything. 

She even works directly with  my CPA and my payroll company so I don't have to be the go-between for everything (which makes it all much more efficient!). 

Linda Russo

As the person responsible for the monthly accounting, billing and reconciliation process at a small business and I needed training on how to effectively use the in-house Quick Books Software Package. 


After some research my manager had identified Kim Taylor who was willing to perform training and assist with the reconciliation.  It has been just been a few short months since I started working with Kim and I am very pleased with the assistance she has been providing.  She is available to answer questions via phone and e-mail and makes herself available for on-site visits when necessary.  She is prompt in getting back to me and insists that no question is a stupid question.  We look forward to working with her in the future.

Kim at Multnomah Bookkeeping has been wonderful to work with. She helped us as we migrated from a Sole proprietorship to an LLC a year ago, and helped us dig out from the previous year’s receipts and unkept books.


Personable, knowledgeable and excellent communication skills make it easy to work together. A beautiful thing is she works by text, phone, SKYPE or in person, which makes it easy for us since we stay busy. I recommend Kim and Multnomah Bookkeeping for any small business wanting to take their business to the next level, wants to simplify their bookkeeping and or stay on top of their finances. 

Dr. Allison Siebecker

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